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Luxury Modular Homes

Your Dream Home:
Expert Realtor Saves Your Time & Money

Services I Provide as Your Buying Agent

Market Analysis & Recommendations:

  • Christy will offer detailed analysis of the real estate market in your area of interest and provide insights into school districts, commuting, demographics, and local amenities.

Loan Services:

  • Christy will help understand various loan options, recommend suitable loan programs, and connect with reputable lenders.

Property Search & Selection:

  • Christy will identify properties that match your needs and budget, facilitate property viewings, and conduct a thorough evaluation of each property's advantages and disadvantages.

Property Evaluation & Inspection:

  • Christy will inspect the property and assist in developing a strong bidding strategy.

Transaction Management & Support::

  • Christy will provide detailed explanations of property reports, manage transaction documents, and offer after-sales support.

Negotiation & Bargaining:

  • Christy will negotiate with sellers on your behalf to secure the best possible price and terms.

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