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Steps to Sell Your House

Analyze Current Market

  • Christy will analyze recent comparable home sales, current market conditions for you.

Discuss Goals and Pricing:

  • Christy will start by understanding your timeline, financial goals, and any specific concerns you have. This helps tailor the selling process to your unique needs.

  • Christy will establish a competitive and realistic listing price, based on evaluation of your home's location and its unique features.

Prepare and Repairs

  • Conduct Pre-Inspection (Optional): Christy can arrange a pre-inspection to uncover potential issues and allow for proactive repairs before listing.

  • Evaluate Remodeling (Optional): If needed, Christy can connect you with her trusted network of contractors for any remodeling projects.

  • Stage Property: Christy will implement a staging plan tailored to attract the right buyers and maximize your home's appeal.

  • Arrange High-quality Photography: Christy will use professional photography and video tours to highlight your home's best features. Drone tours are available if needed.

Market and List:

  • Maximize Exposure: Christy will develop a tailored plan to list your property on the MLS, Redfin,, Zillow and other key real estate platforms.

  • Digital Reach: Christy will employ social media, targeted ads, and online campaigns to attract a wide pool of potential buyers.

  • Agent Networking: Christy will leverage her connections within the agent community to promote your listing and find the right buyer.

  • Open Houses & Private Showings: Christy will plan open houses and create a system for scheduling private showings to attract interested buyers.

Review Offers: Christy will carefully analyze all offers, considering not just price but contingencies and closing timelines.

  • Negotiate Counteroffers(If Needed): Christy will advise on counteroffers and negotiate on your behalf.Christy will leverage her negotiation skills to secure the best possible terms for you.

  • Review Contract: Christy will meticulously examine the purchase contract to ensure your interests are protected.

  • Coordinate Inspections/ Appraisal: Christy will facilitate necessary inspections and the appraisal process.

  • Manage Closing Process: Christy will provide guidance throughout the closing process, handling escrow, title, and other essential paperwork.

Provide Post-Sale Support: After closing, you may need to complete additional tasks, such as canceling your homeowner’s insurance, transferring utilities, and moving out by the agreed-upon date.

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